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5 Simple Tips You Must Read Now to Get Your Dream Job

A job search can be a difficult process while finding the kind of job that can give you the right exposure in what you want to do as well as one that pays you well. The job interviews are the most stressful moments of the entire process of finding a job. Majority of the people are unable to crack their first job interviews because they are not familiar with the process and do not know how to manage everything while applying for a job. If you have been working hard to land yourself a job, but are scared of facing rejection, then think no more.

In this article, I will reveal to you just 5 Simple Tips to Get Your Dream Job. Believe me, that these easy steps can be taken by anyone and if done correctly, it will definitely make you stand out in front of the recruiters. When you have done your homework right, the job search becomes easy, and you can sit in an interview with confidence and crack it easily to get hired for your dream job.

Here are those 5 Simple Tips to Get Your Dream Job Now

Smart Search – Advanced search options on job sites

It is essential that you have your goals set in advance. There is an ocean of job opportunities, but you need to find a pool that fits your qualification and skills. Doing a job search when the job description does not fit your qualification is a waste of time for you and the recruiters as well. They cannot expect you to perform their given tasks if you do not have the right knowledge and qualification.

Do not apply for every job that you find. Instead, try to filter out the job options based on your interests, skills, job roles, and industry. Search for the jobs that will make you feel comfortable in all ways. Know what jobs you can apply for so that you can make better decisions.

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Creative CV – Create a specific cover letter for your resume

Your job resume and cover letter should be able to speak a lot about you. While the job resume can be a long portfolio, your cover letter will work as a brief report about you. It should be good enough to impress the reviewer in the first few minutes as they may have a huge pile of job applications. Most of the job sites offer the space where you can give quick details about yourself. Still, if you spend time in making your own CV, it will impress the reviewer more compared to other usual job site information.

The first one or two paragraphs of your cover letter (CV) should be able to explain a lot about your experience and skill set. You can refer to the job search engines to find out what the recruiters ask from you. The front page of your job application should be highlighted with a well-planned CV. It should contain:

  1. Your name
  2. Qualification
  3. A bit about your skills and experience
  4. Your expertise
  5. Previous projects
  6. And your vision in life as a person (be creative with words to deliver as much information as you can in fewer words)

The more creative your CV will be, the higher your chances in landing a job that requires your creativity and skills.

Deadly Dressing – Dress like you are already successful

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No matter the level of success you have gained in the past, it is important that you carry and dress like a successful person. Your first impression in the interview should be to tell them that you are the right candidate for their requirement the moment they set their eyes on you. It is a trick that most of the companies do not want to disclose to the new candidates. Actions like this help you to take the ball into your court so that you become the one guiding the direction of the interview and not the interviewer(s).

Portray your personality like the company needs you and not vice versa. This trick will especially work when you are applying for a sales or marketing firm. In the end, your skills and qualifications will be a significant factor, but leaving a lasting impression in their head will give you a higher edge while getting shortlisted.

Nuanced Narrator – Use storytelling for your answers

When being asked a personal question or about your projects, you can choose to be theoretical and to the point, or use your storytelling to explain your experience. When the questions are more casual, the best way to answer them is to tell them as if you are being interviewed celebrity who has been asked about his or her life.

For example, if you have been asked about your managing skills, you can put light on your previous managing incidents in previous companies or in college. You can explain how your team was stuck in a situation and what you did to successfully tackle the problems. This will convey your image as a leader who can take the initiatives for the team while also telling the interviewers that you are an open person.

Showcase Skills – Include more experience

Your job application should contain all your life experiences in one way or the other when you apply on job sites. The job search engines work is a very complex manner where each of your skill will be taken as an opportunity for companies that seek the exact skillset. Indeed job search will make you look for the jobs that you want to apply for, but adding more skills will attract the companies which are looking for someone around it. Your job description should contain the major skills, while the rest of the job application should have the skills and qualifications as mentioned below.

  1. Academic achievements
  2. Non-Academic achievements
  3. Key skills
  4. Extracurricular skills
  5. Hobbies and interests

These five categories will let the interviewers know that they are hiring a complete package. Non-academic achievements will include all sports and management. The extracurricular skills will include your artistic projects in singing, painting, report making, speeches, etc. The hobbies will include everything that you do to keep yourself productive while the interests will tell about your reach in different fields as an all-rounder.

While you make your job profile in any of the job sites, make sure to be as honest about yourself as you can be. It will be easy for you to answer questions if what you have written in your resume is completely genuine. Job search engines may rank you higher based on what you write in your net application, but it will be difficult for you to crack the interview if you have written something outrebounding your experience.

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