7 Tips and tricks to make your wedding planning easy and quick

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Wedding planning easy tricks

7 Tips and tricks to make your wedding planning easy and quick

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You may get puzzled with your wedding planning as there are several tasks for the big function of your life. After all, we all want this day to be perfect like a dream and for that, we need to invest our time and effort a lot. But during this busy schedule, it’s very normal to overlook some things.

This may create a problem leading to a last-minute emergency on D-Day. So, you need to be organised to sort things out properly. Hence, we have shared some easy tricks and tips for your wedding planning. 

Quick tricks and tips for planning a perfect wedding function. 


We generally book the venue first and then invite guests. This may often create a problem if all guests are not accommodated in the venue properly. So, it would be easier if you invite guests first and then book the venue. You can get the total number of your guests and then find the place accordingly. 

Public events

Before finalising the wedding date, make sure it doesn’t collide with any public event. If it is, then change the date. If you get to know about the event right before two days of your wedding, then be ready with all the backup options. 

Keep the weather in mind

Always check the weather on your wedding day. If you see there is any chance of rain, then always have a plan B. If you are going to take vows at any specific time then check the sunset timing. 

One vendor to another

If you have already contacted a vendor for something, then ask him only for other vendors. They can easily give you lots of options from their contacts. So, you don’t need to waste your time finding wedding vendors throughout the day. 

Cut down the budget

If you really want to cut down your wedding budget then decrease your guest list. Most of the expenses are needed for dining your guests. So, only invite those who are really important for you. 

Meal plan for vendors

Before signing the contracts make sure you don’t need to feed the same meal to your vendors which is prepared for the guests. And inform your caterer also about a cheaper meal plan for the vendors before some days of the function. This will save your budget to some extent. 

A separate email address

Have a separate email address for all the important wedding works. Otherwise, they will get mixed with other emails. And keep all your important vendor’s contact numbers in a separate folder in your phone.

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7 Tips and tricks to make your wedding planning easy and quick

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