Bigg Boss 14, October 17, Day 14 written update: Jaan wins luxury budget; Nikki retains her confirmed status

Today’s episode began with the song Tattad Tattad from Ranveer Singh starrer Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela. Soon, there was a conversation over chopping duty in the kitchen. While Rubina and Abhinav were adamant about chopping being a different duty from cooking, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan were adamant that whoever is cooking will chop the vegetables. The discussion got ugly and Rubina and Sidharth got into an ugly argument and soon Pavitra got into the scene. Gauahar did try to intervene, but in vain.

After a heated argument, Rubina and Abhinav agreed with the seniors and announced that chopping will be a part of cooking. Later, Hina and Gauahar were seen discussing the confusion over duties. Meanwhile, Jaan complained to Nikki about Rubina not doing the dishes. Everyone in the house was discussing about the argument which took place in the morning. Jasmin Bhasin, in a conversation with Shehzaad, was seen criticizing Nikki for her proud nature and spoke about the way she performed in the bouncy task. Kitchen once again becomes a point of argument and this time between Rahul and Pavitra. The latter was irked with the former Indian Idol singer who, apparently, had jumped into her conversation with Jaan.

Soon, they got into a heated war of words and Nishant tried to pacify Rahul. Later, Jaan, Nishant and Rahul kept secret names for Jasmin and Pavitra to communicate among themselves. Then the trio discussed Nikki’s nature and how she was a little biased towards them during the garden task. Nishant and Rahul asked Jaan to be careful of Nikki and not to follow her blindly. Soon, Bigg Boss 14 witnessed its first luxury budget, wherein Rahul and Jaan will be competing in busking. In this task, Rahul and Jaan were asked to perform live and gain listeners. The one with the maximum audience was supposed to be announced as the winner of the luxury budget hamper which he can share with four freshers in the house. It was an interesting competition with Rahul and Jaan gave each other a tough fight. Interestingly, Jaan confessed his feeling for Nikki during the task as he dedicated the song ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh Ye Jana Sanam’ to her. Eventually, Jaan won the task as he has the maximum number of people in the audience and gets a luxury budget hamper. He shared it with Eijaz, Shehzaad, Nikki and Nishant.

Bigg Boss asked the freshers to decide if Nikki should continue to be a confirmed contestant or she should be demoted as TBC. The decision was supposed to be made unanimously. While Rahul supported Nikki, Jaan and Nishant surprised everyone after she called out the lady for losing her value and friends and called her proudy. However, Jaan and Nishant agreed that she can continue to be the confirmed contestant. Rubina and Abhinav felt Nikki should not be a confirmed contestant anymore and had their own reasons for the same, but Nikki defended herself.

Jasmin stated that Nikki has been changing her personality every day and felt that she doesn’t deserve to be a confirmed contestant. However, this sparked an argument between the two. Shehzaad called Nikki and opportunist and wanted her to be demoted. Pavitra had a piece of advice for Nikki to be careful for her words and supported her to be a confirmed contestant. Even Eijaz came out in Nikki’s support for being true to her personality. Rubina stood strongly against Nikki’s confirmed status and explained her point on why she should be demoted to TBC. However, Nishant supported Nikki and got into an argument with Rubina especially over Nikki’s performance during the immunity task. Rubina continued to convince other contestants her point and asked them not to play on both sides. She asked everyone to voice their true opinion and individuality. Meanwhile, Hina and Gauahar were quite impressed with Rubina’s strong opinions and stated that they feel the tv actress has the potential to be a BB14 winner.

On the other hand, Nikki tried to mend ways with Rubina and Abhinav and requested them to give her another chance with confirmed status. While the freshers failed to reach a unanimous decision, Bigg Boss announced that Nikki will continue to be a confirmed contestant. While Nikki was elated, she expressed her disappointment towards Nishant for not pointing out her weak points in the beginning itself instead of saying it during the task. Meanwhile, Jaan also gets into an argument with Eijaz for feeling that he has been under Nikki’s influence.

Hina and Gauahar praised Rubina for strongly putting forward her point of view and expressed disappointment towards others who tried playing safe. They were even seen discussing Nikki’s game but soon Pavitra intervenes and calls Nikki a sweet person. While Gauahar supports her, this surprises Abhinav and Rubina and they are surprised about how Nikki has changed her personality for the game.

Meanwhile, Nikki continued to express her disappointment towards Nishant and Jaan for not guiding her. But the two men had their own reasons which they tried explaining to her. Even Jaan also explained how he doesn’t like the way she demeans her. Irked with his explanation, Nikki decides not to be friends with Jaan. On the other hand, Rahul and Pavitra were seen burying the hatchet.

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