Bigg Boss 6’s Sana Khan marries Mufti Anas after quitting showbiz; Looks like princess in a white bridal dress

Remember former Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan? The actress had taken the social media by a storm recently after she announced her exit from the showbiz industry. While her massive fan following is still struggling to come in terms with her major decision, Sana is back in the headlines for another big news from her personal life. According to media reports, the former BB6 contestant has tied the knot in a private ceremony. It was reported that Sana has married Gujarat-based Mufti Anas.

The news came into light after the videos from her wedding ceremony surfaced on social media. In the video, Sana was seen wearing a white gown as she walked in hand in hand with her husband who was dressed in a traditional white kurta pyjama. Sana was undoubtedly looked beautiful in her white bridal dress, hijab and heena clad hands and the bridal glow on her face is truly unmissable. Needless to say, her wedding news has come as a surprise for everyone and the new bride is yet to make an official announcement about the same.

Take a look at Sana Khan’s video with her husband post their wedding.


Talking about her exit from the showbiz industry, Sana had stated that she has decided to spend her life in service of humanity hereon. Making the big announcement, Sana called it a crucial juncture of her life. She had further urged people of the industry not to approach her for any Showbiz work. “I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the orders of my Creator. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me to Allah to accept my repentance and grant me the true ability to live in accordance with my determination of spending my life following the commandments of my Creator and in the service of humanity, and grant me perseverance in to. Finally, all brothers and sisters are requested to not consult me with regards to any Showbiz work henceforth,” Sana added.

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