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Bigg Boss is now synonymous with Salman Khan. The Bollywood superstar has hosted 10 seasons of the ‘controversial’ realitys how and is all set to don the hosts’ cap for the upcoming season. i.e, Bigg Boss 14. The show is known to provide a complete dose of entertainment, but fights and arguments more often than not dominate it. In every season, contestants are seen at loggerheads with each other. From hurling abuses to getting physically abusive, housemates stoop to new lows everyone season. 

Contestants not only fight among themselves, but several times have got into a spat with Salman Khan too, leaving him fuming. Yes, many contestants have got into a verbal spat with host Salman Khan, and proved that ‘Bhai se panga nahi hai changa!’ Salman Khan is known for his impromptu acts, his take on incidents happening inside the house, or his sarcastic way of taking down the defaulters of the Bigg Boss house during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes. However, there have been times when contestants have messed with Salman, made him upset with their antics, and ultimately lost his cool. With Bigg Boss season 14 nearing, we bring to you a list of contestants who have dared to fight with Salman Khan on the show, not knowing that he will not spare them for their misbehavior. 

14 contestants who have made Salman Khan lose his cool on Bigg Boss over the years. 

1. Zubair Khan

Bigg Boss 11 had an interesting line-up of contestants Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Guppta, Priyank Sharma among others. However, one contestant who piqued everyone’s interesting was Zubair Khan. He is reportedly the son-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar. Zubair was ousted in the first week itself, as Salman Khan blasted him for misbehaving with female co-contestants and using foul language. Salman out of anger had also told Zubair that he would make him a dog once he is out of the house. Later, Zubair had also filed against the actor.

2. Priyank Jagga 

Priyanka Jagga, a commoner on Bigg Boss 10, emerged as probably one of the most infamous contestants in the show’s history ever. She created mayhem on the show, and to such an extent that for the first time Salman Khan asked a contestant to leave the show. Salman had got so angry at Priyanka’s accusations and arguments, that he showed her the outside door.  After her eviction, Salman also claimed that he will never work with the channel (Colors) if they continued their association with Priyanka. 

3. Swami Om

When you think of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss, Swami Om’s name is bound to come at the top. He entered as an interesting personality on BB 10 but was soon tagged as the most disgusting contestants ever. He earned Salman’s wrath for outrageously sick acts on the show. From passing derogatory remarks to stripping clothes throwing piss on housemates, Swami Om did everything that got him into a war with Salman. On one WKV, an irritated Salman even walked off the stage, when despite repeated requests, Swami Om kept talking and interrupted Salman 

4. Akashdeep Saigal

Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky is not only known for his role in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi but also his fight with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 5. The actor turned out to be one of the finalists on the show. He once left Salman Khan fuming as he walked away while Salman was talking to him. His verbal spat and allegations against Salman Khan are still remembered. Akashdeep had accused Dabangg Khan of destroying his career. About his dispute with Salman, Akashdeep had earlier stated, ‘I never hired any PR to destroy a career. I don’t have a petty mind. I don’t take 10 people along with me to make myself seem more powerful.’

5. Karishma Tanna

If there is something still remembered about Bigg Boss 8, it has to the violent fight between Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati. Salman Khan had reprimanded Karishma for taking advantage of Gautam’s during a task, although he had sincerely apologized to her for using cuss words. While Salman tried to explain Karishma that she was wrong at her end, the actress seemed relentless and continued arguing with the host. Karishma’s consistent arguments and clarifications irked Salman. He later spoke with her in the Bigg Boss room.

Though Karishma went on to become one of the finalists, Salman and she never saw eye-to-eye during the entire season. Once when Salman had teased her with Upen Patel as she was getting close to him, but after housemates started laughing, she reacted saying ‘It is not funny.’ Her weird reaction did not go down well with Salman as he walked out of the show. 

6. Kushal Tandon

If there was one contestant on Bigg Boss 7, who tested Salman Khan’s patience, it was Kushal Tandon. Kushal’s stubborn attitude and arrogant behavior towards housemates earned him Salman’s anger every time. However, he had to face a major brunt when Salman took his case for hurling abuses at Kajol’s younger sister and co-inmate Tanishaa Mukherjee. Kushal’s unapologetic words led to a big war between him and Salman. The model-turned-actor had even made a dramatic exit from Bigg Boss mid-way, but returned soon and spread false rumours that Salman had apologized to him for his behavior. Kushal’s claims further added to Salman’s fury and his dislike for Kushal was quite visible. 

7. Gauahar Khan 

Gauahar Khan lifted the Bigg Boss 7 trophy, but during her journey on the show, she too had to face Salman Khan’s wrath. The actress first got into an infuriated debate with Salman when she tried to interfere in Kushal Tandon and Salman Khan’s conversation. An angry Salman asked Gauahar to ‘Shut Up’. Moreover, Salman also did not like Gauahar’s ‘I am very fair’ attitude, as he criticized her for it several times. 

8. Imam Siddique

Imam Siddique not only petrified Bigg Boss 6 housemates with his antics, but he also rubbed Salman the wrong way. Salman and Imam had their fair share of arguments, as the latter tested the Bollywood actor’s patience. Not only was Salman annoyed by Imam’s disrespectful behavior towards Bigg Boss rule, but also lashed out at him speaking rubbish. Salman’s first outburst happened when Imam did not pay attention to his explanations during a task. Later, things went out of hand when Imam claimed he had helped Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta reach the pinnacle of success. Salman backed SRK and said that was the actor’s hard work that has made him a star. Imam crossed all limits when he told Salman ‘Time Out’. The host got super angry and blasted him for his gibberish attitude. 

9. Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani, a celebrity stylist, was one of the most fierce contestants in Bigg Boss 6. Sapna had a series of arguments with Salman, and she had made it crystal clear that she does not fear anyone, and will play the game as she pleases. She passed some nasty comments on Salman Khan and entered into a war of words when Salman had stated that the BB house is not a resort, but a game that people play to win. Replying to Khan’s comments Sapna had stated that she had participated to pass on her message about women’s liberation. Sapna also made several other unpleasant remarks against Salman, most of which with edited out by the makers. Salman had lost his cool at that time and vented his anger on her. 

10. Siddharth Bharadwaj

Siddharth Bharadwaj, who became an eye-candy for many after he won Spiltsvilla 2, also irked Salman on Bigg Boss season 5. When Siddharth got into a brawl with Mahek Chahal, Salman did not take it too kindly. He schooled and bashed Siddharth for his behavior as he took a stand for Mahek. 

11. Paras Chhabra

When Salman Khan questioned Paras Chhabra over his growing closeness to Mahira Sharma in Bigg Boss 13, despite having a girlfriend Akanksha Puri, firecrackers were heard everywhere. Paras replied to Salman in a very ‘I don’t care attitude’ saying ‘ask the creatives not to use such tactics.’ Salman lost his cool to Paras pointing out at the BB team, and the two entered into a verbal spat. While Paras kept on justifying himself, BB 13 housemates advised him not to argue with Salman.  Suddenly, when Paras raised his tone Salman got out of control and shut him up. Salman pointed a finger at Paras and said, ‘Tu na, keep your voice down.’

12. Shehnaaz Gill 

Many thought Shehnaaz Gill was Salman Khan’s favourite in BB 13. However, they came a time when Salman was irked by Shehnaaz’s antics. It all happened when Shehnaaz cried inconsolably after Salman said that everyone feels she is a ‘jealous’ person. While others try to calm her down, she asks Salman to throw her as she felt betrayed. Shehnaaz’s over-the-top reaction left Salman irked, who asked her to not do drama in front of her and speak respectfully. However, Shehnaaz did not pay any heed and continued crying. Salman got so furious that he asked the makers to open the main door for Shehnaaz and let her walk out of the house. 

13. Rashami Desai 

There was hardly any contestant on Bigg Boss 13 who was spared by Salman’s fury. Rashami received a hard blow from Salman when she taunted one of the crew members, precisely the cameraman. Salman lashed out at Rashami that if she feels she is being portrayed in a negative light by makers, she can walk out and quit the show. Salman was so infuriated that he even asked Bigg Boss to let open the main door for Rashami to take her call. 

14. Sidharth Shukla 

Sidharth Shukla was tagged as the ‘angry young man of Bigg Boss 13’. Several times throughout the show, Sidharth was seen showing his ‘bad’ side while he not only entered in verbal but also physical fights with co-contestants. When Devoleena Bhattacharjee was injured, Salman Khan got angry with everyone and questioned them about their doings. Later, a mighty angered Salman asked Shehnaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla to pack their bags. On several occasions, Salman gave an earful to Sidharth for his uncontrollable anger and violence. 

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