BTS: Jungkook has a PRICELESS reaction to Jimin’s overdramatic Black Swan shadow dance; Watch Video

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BTS: Jungkook has a PRICELESS reaction to Jimin’s over dramatic Black Swan shadow dance; Watch Video
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The mystery behind the shadows in BTS’ Black Swan music video has finally been revealed. The Map of the Soul: 7 song, which released earlier this year, saw the septet send shivers down the spine with their classy performance. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook had the ARMY talking for months after they delivered the insane MV. However, the fandom has been curious for months about the shadows in the video. Fans had numerous theories at the time. 

The new Bangtan Bomb finally spilt the tea of the making of the intriguing shadow sequence of the song. The video revealed that Mochi turned into the shadow during Yoongi and JK’s performance while Hobi was Namjoonie’s shadow during his solo frame. The rapper and singer positioned themselves as per the instructions of the team present on the sets and paved the way for the stunning visual. 

While the video revealed the efforts put in by Chim Chim, Hoseok and the crew to bring together the gorgeous moments, we couldn’t stop ourselves from revisiting Kookie’s react to Jimin’s overdramatic shadow performance. In a portion of the video, Mochi is seen putting his all-in to bring the shadow to life. While the image gives us the goosebumps, the director informs the Filter singer that it was a tad more drama than they wanted for the scene. 

During that moment, the Golden Maknae leaves us in splits when his epic “I am so done with this drama” act! Although this was definitely one of the memorable moments from the video, we couldn’t stop our hearts from melting when Jimin declares he’d do anything for Yoongi. 

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