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Are you spending a lot of time lately, struggling to find a tool that can provide you with unlimited tools to create and manage your website? Canva Pro can be your best option. But since Canva premium features are paid, you will need to enter credit card details to activate the pro version. But if you want to escape that, we have this cool Canva Pro hack for you that can let you use all the Canva premium features for free. Wanna know how? Everything is down below.  

Canva is free to use tool which is offering small and big enterprises to create compelling content for their online platforms to reach out to a greater audience. It has enough features to create unique designs for every new user. In the past two years, Canva has successfully created over fifteen million designs for over 2.4 million users. There are over 200,000 companies and organisations that are using Canva for their web designing, presentations, events, marketing, and creative documentation. It is a useful tool for small businesses who want to produce engaging content without losing consistency.

Premium version of Canva comes in the form of Canva Pro. It has tons of features that you will not get in the free version. You can create a logo for your company from scratch or choose from the default templates. You can also customise the already existing templates to work with an idea. You can use the fonts to create headings, pamphlets, presentations etc. Canva is always adding new fonts, images, templates, and other elements that you can use when you pay for the Canva Pro version. It is an easy to use platform with drag and drop tools. 

Canva Free Version Vs Canva Pro

Once you get familiar with its free version, I want you to check out what Canva Premium version has to offer. This will let you decide whether you want these extra features or the free version provides enough for your requirements.


The free version offers access to the fonts provides by Canva, but you cannot upload your own fonts. Canva Pro version gives you access to upload your own fonts in the designs which give users the freedom of using their favourite fonts on their projects. On top of that, Canva pro also provides an unlimited supply of fonts with new ones added regularly.


The free version offers you a ton of designs to choose from, but it lacks the search option that can allow you to find designs related to your blog. For example, if you are to build a travel blog and want a design that relates to nature or landscape, you will have a hard time scrolling through the designs unless you stumble upon one early. With Canva Pro, you can search for the keyword (i.e. Travel) or design name, and you can get the related designs instantly.


Another drawback of Canva free version is that you cannot add gifs or videos to your designs. It can make your blog look much static and lifeless. Canva Pro, on the other hand, offers access to a long list of gifs. Moreover, you can also add your own videos to your designs.

Stock Photos

You can choose from thousands of free stock photos for your blog or even purchase the premium stock photo for $1 in the free version. In case you are consistent in posting content on your blog, paying a dollar every time it, not a feasible option when you can get all premium stock photos for free on Canva Pro. It is one of the best features of Canva Pro, which makes it a reliable tool for content designing.

Brand Colours

When you create content for your brand, your content must match your brand colours to look more professional and authentic. If you have a comic book, you will need a set of brand colours to maintain your design consistency. The free version offers only three colours while the Canva Pro offers space for 100 brand colours in your palette. You can access brand colours on the top of the colour selections, which is very convenient for creating quick graphics.


Another great feature that Canva Pro offers is the unlimited folders for your photos and designs. You can keep and manage multiple projects with ease. It can help you organise different platforms at the same time with better management. The free version only offers three folders to use.


There is no resizing option in the free version while the pro version offers resizing option that helps you customise your images and designs.

Transparent Backgrounds

The free version does not offer transparent backgrounds which may require additional Photoshop editing. With Canva Pro, you can save a PNG with a transparent background.


You can access design elements in the free Canva version but only for a limited time. The pro version offers many more elements which are exclusive to Canva. You can always have new design ideas to choose for your projects.


Lastly, the free version provides access to thousands of free templates while the Canva pro can offer over 20,000 templates. Templates help you with ideas when your creativity takes a break. It can help you create quick content for your social media accounts where you do not give as much time as you do to your blog.

Canva Pro Pricing 

 There are three Canva plans that you can choose from based on the projects that you intend to do. The free version of Canva is for individuals who want to build temporary projects and presentations. Canva premium version has two categories – Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise. Canva Pro is individuals and small groups who are consistently building projects and need more customisation and productivity. Enterprise is for larger teams where multiple computers can use the same Canva premium account.

Canva Pro pricing – USD 9.95 per month (billed yearly)

Canva Enterprise pricing – USD 30.00 per month (billed yearly)

How to get Canva Premium features for free

There are two ways how you can hack Canva Pro to access its premium features. The first one is a cool trick that simply cuts off the Canva Pro price to half. You can search for a cashback platform like and register with your email id. Once you create your account, log in to GoCashBack and search for Canva in the search bar. Create your account on Canva or log in with your existing Canva account. Complete the payment and GoCashBack will provide 50% cashback on the full amount, every month. GoCashback also offers cashback to several other software and tools that you can explore in your free time.

Canva Pro Hack to Use Canva Pro for Free

Follow the steps carefully to create your own Canva premium account with all the features unlocked.

Step 1

Go to the Canva Website, and sign up with a new email. It is better if you create a secondary email id for creating a new account. You should never use your primary email id for using hacked software and tools. is one of the places where you can instantly get a free email id.

Step 2

Fill in the required details on the Canva registration page. It is not important whether you provide legit information as you will be using this account only to access all the features (not professionally).

Step 3

Check the main tab on the top of the website for “Start free trial – Canva Pro.” If you do not find the free trial option on the top, simple click of the “Upgrade” button. Both the options will redirect you the same page. The new page will provide you with the option of “Try it free for 30 days.”

Step 4

Once you click on the button, the next page will automatically as you to provide credit card details. Once you click on “Card”, you will need to provide details of a working card.

Step 5

This is the most important step. Open these two websites on new tabs.


NamsoGen is a random credit card numbers generator that provides random credit card numbers for testing, verification, and validation purposes. On the homepage of NamsoGen, you will be asked to provide “BIN” for which you will need to copy and past the BIN that I have provided below.

Bin: 527253462088xxxx

Select the “quantity” of the credit card numbers you want. I do not know the limit of card numbers you can generate, but it is surely high enough (Do not be greedy and start with 30). Click on “generate” once you have entered the quantity.

Step 6

Select all the numbers from the “Result” field, copy and paste it on the  “CCN” field. Click on “Start.” It will show you which cards are working, which have died, and which are unknown. In the result box, you can find out the “Live” cards in green. Once you get live cards in the results, click on “Stop”. Copy the live card details from the result. The details will look like – CARDNUMBER|MONTH/YEAR|CVCNUMBER.

Step 7

Go back to Canva website, click on “Card”, and paste the card number, date, and CVC number. Once you fill the card details, click on “Claim my free trial.” Canva will check for the validity of the card, and if every step is followed as I have mentioned, your Canva Pro account will be activated.

Now you have access to the Canva premium features with this working Canva Pro hack. This method can be applied for using premium features of many other software and platforms. When your trial period ends after 30 days, all you have to do is go back to step one and start over again. Even though it will take some minutes to get an email id and fake credit card numbers, it is worth the money that you will be saving.

We highly suggest that you should not use Canva Pro hack if you want to use Canva for professional means. This method is only good as long as you want to use Canva premium features to do quick projects for your personal blogs and presentations.

More About Canva

Canva is one of the world’s fastest-growing online designing tool with a net worth of over $4.6 billion. It gained popularity within the first 14 months of its launch and raised over $100 million. Canva’s co-founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins, has become one of the youngest wealthiest entrepreneurs. Melanie Perkins’ net worth today is estimated to be $177 million. Melanie founded Canva alongside Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams.

Canva has recently joined hands with Pinterest as a creative partner. Now users can create engaging content more efficiently, which will encourage more people to use Pinterest.

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