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Cool WiFi Hacking Apps for Android in 2020

With the advent of IoT and the installation of smart devices and appliances at our homes, it is essential that we keep our home network safe from local hackers. On the other side, we also need to learn some WiFi hacking tricks that come under ethical hacking to either access WiFi when you forget its password or need to use someone else’s WiFi in case of an emergency. There are plenty of WiFi hacking apps available on Android, which can test your network security. Apart from ethical hacking, there are some fun-to-use WiFi hacking apps for Android that the hacker in you needs to discover.

All the applications that we have mentioned below are of educational purposes only. These apps should be used to test personal WiFi networks only. Hacking or breaching someone else’s system is a criminal offence.

Fun WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

WiFi Password Hacker Prank

WiFi Hacking App For Android - WiFi Password Hacker Prank
WiFi Password Hacker Prank

This app is one of the best free WiFi hacking apps available on Google Play. The app is fun to use and works like a real ethical hacking app. The user can search for a WiFi network and then opt for the hotspot. Once the WiFi network asks for the password, WiFi Password Hacker Prank app is launched. The user will then need to click on the setting button where they will have to choose from WPA, WPA2, or other settings. The user then selects the Prank WiFi WLAN mode to begin the process of hacking. The app then takes time for up to 15 minutes after which the WiFi password appears on display. The app is just for fun and does not reveal the real password to the user. It can surely be used to scare your friends!

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WiFi Password (Root)

WiFi Hacking Apps for Android in 2020
WiFi Password (ROOT)

This app can only work on a rooted smartphone, and the app is available on Google Play. The app works to memorize WiFi passwords in settings. It is not an app that can crack the WiFi password for any network. However, it is able to remember the password and display it on the user’s screen. So if someone offers you to use their WiFi temporarily, this app can remember their password so that you can use it again. If the password is changed, it will be displayed on the app.

Hack WiFi Joker

WiFi Hacking App For Android - Hack WiFi Joker
Hack WiFi Joker

Another fun Android app that lets the user scan passwords and quickly generate wireless passwords. It can scan the nearby android devices for open hotspots. One it has the WiFi connections available, it can hack the WiFi password Android to access the network. Remember that this app is only meant for fun or to prank someone. It serves no purpose as a hacking tool.

WiFi Chua 2016

WiFi Hacking App For Android - WiFi Chua 2016
WiFi Chua 2016

This app was relaunched as a better version of Android WiFi Temple. New features are added in this app with more than 2 million Vietnam locations. Using this app, the users can find free WiFi around them without using LTE or 4G. The app is available only in 63 Vietnam provinces and only useful to the local community. It also features an offline feature which lets you download using data for free.

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