Dress Codes That Are Followed By The Royal Family

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The Royal Family, even though famous for their political status, seem to be more popular for their fashion. Given that they’re kings and queens and princes and princesses, top-notch fashion doesn’t come as a surprise. You may or may not be obsessed with them, but you definitely cannot ignore them! Certainly not their sartorial game. You’d think as Royals they wouldn’t give the F quotient as much importance, but it’s exactly the opposite. They swear by good style and plenty of bizarre fashion rules set in a mandate by The Queen. Curious to know what these rules are? Scroll ahead to read!

8 dress codes The Royals swear by:

1. Hats are mandatory for formal events

Back in the 1950s, it wasn’t very lady-like to show your hair in the public, which is why ladies wore hats everywhere they went. But modern times require alteration of rules and so The Queen made some changes. Although she is never spotted without a hat, it is not mandatory for the other Royal women to wear one at all times. However, for any formal events, it is compulsory for the women to wear hats. Now you know why they own an envy-inducing collection of hats!

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2. Women carry their purses in their left hand

Well, when out in the public, it is advisable for women of The Royal family to always have their right hands free. Free for what you ask? Free to wave to the people when they’re out in the public. While this is not a hard and fast rule, it is something the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex follow.

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3. No colourful cuticles

You will never spot women from The Royal family sporting colourful nails. Colourfully painted nails reflect badly on The Royal family as they are considered distasteful and hence frowned upon. Additionally, they are not even allowed to have long nails. Clean and cut, manicured nails painted with pale pink, almost like a nude hue are permitted!

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4. Clutches and handbags are used as silent signals

Leave it to The Royals to show you how you can make your bags multifunctional (pun intended!). Point being, as Royals, you need to be put-together and mannered at all times and can’t always verbally communicate your problems. For this, The Queen, in particular, has plenty of secret messages that she sends with her bag to her staff. For instance, when the queen moves her bag from one hand to the other, it means that she’s done talking to a person and would be moving onto the next. When she places her bag on the table, it means that she wants the event to conclude in the next 5 minutes. When the bag is placed on the floor, her staff must come to her aid immediately as it means that the conversation she’s indulging in needs to end immediately.

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5. Linen and cotton are steered clear from

The Royal family is always photographed. For this very reason, as Royals, it’s important that your outfit is perpetually on-point, no? Cotton and linen allow for creasing and wrinkling of the dress easily. Additionally, they also fly away with the breeze and can make way for awkward situations. To avoid these instances, the women are advised to pick dresses made with heavier fabrics.

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6. The Queen always wears bright coloured clothes

Would she really be The Queen if she’s not spotted all too easily? Yes, that’s the very reason why she is never spotted in outfits with dull colours. As a queen, she must stand out in the crowd and bright, vibrant colours allow for that. It’s as simple as that! If The Queen isn’t making a statement then who is?!

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7. While travelling, always carry a spare black ensemble

It is absolutely mandatory for the members of The Royal family to carry a black outfit with them on a trip. This is so because if they land in a situation where a member of the family dies, they should be able to change into appropriate clothing. The rule came about after the death of her father, King George VI when she was just a princess then. It was in 1952 when The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were in Kenya when her father passed. When she returned back to England, she had to wait in the plane for a black dress to be delivered so she could depart. The reason being, they are always in the public eye and must be dressed according to the occasion at all times.

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8. No wedges around the queen

Sounds absurd, yes, but women of the Royal household steer clear of wearing wedges when in the presence of The Queen. This is so because The Queen simply does not like them! And that is quite the reason why no women wear wedges around her. However, they do sport them once in a while when they are not around Her Majesty!

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