EXCLUSIVE: Sushant Singh Rajput’s former cook says actor grew weak after Europe trip; Shares shocking deets

With the probe over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death deepens, several shocking details about his recent years surface. While Bihar Police has been questioning numerous people associated with Sushant after his father KK Singh filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty, claims about his mental health and more are making the headlines. Now, Sushant’s former cook, who worked with the actor until he was fired in September 2019 by Rhea, spoke about the actor and addressed the recent rumours about his old house being haunted, his mental health condition and more. 

Ashok Kumar Khasu still doesn’t know the reason behind his dismissal. However, he did try to get in touch with Sushant in an attempt to understand the decision behind his firing. “When I asked the house manager Samuel Miranda if Sir had told him to throw me out, he said it was Rhea who had asked him to tell me that I was not needed and have also heard there was a plan to replace the other staff members who were hired by sir but two of them stuck till the end,” Ashok said. 

Although his employment ended, Ashok said he remained in touch with a few old staff members who still worked for Sushant. “They told me that Sir had become weak after he returned from Europe,” he said. The staff member added that Rhea moved in with Sushant in March 2019 after he moved out of his Little Heights residence in Bandra at the end of 2018. Addressing claims about the house being haunted, Ashok said, “We cannot really say anything as there is no evidence about it so it could be or could not be but there is nothing there to prove if there was bhoot in the house.”



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Speaking about Rhea’s family, the cook said her family did not stay at the Mont Blac home but “they definitely would stay with Sushant at his Pawana house.” Having worked with Sushant for four years, Ashok says he doesn’t buy the theories that Sushant was depressed. “I worked with him for four years and my sir was healthy and fit. If people are saying that he was depressed so there has to be a reason for it kisi ne torture kiya hoga unko koi kaaran hoga woh pata karna chahiye,” he said. 

The cook also said that he learned no one except Sushant’s friend Sidharth Pithani and Rhea were allowed to give Sushant medication. “The other staff members like Keshav and Neeraj have told me that they were not allowed to give medicine so it would be Rhea or Siddharth Pithani. It is puzzling to my mind that how my sir who was fine when I left in September suddenly became ill and went into depression.”

Recalling an incident from November 2019, Ashok said that he and Sushant’s sister Priyanka Singh tried meeting Sushant but they were informed that Sushant can’t meet them for he was busy in a meeting. “Last March Sushant’s sister Priyanka and his brother-in-law stayed with him. But in November 2019, when I and his sister went to meet sir and his sister messaged him that they were waiting below the building and wanted to him, she got a message from sir’s phone that he was busy in a meeting and could not meet him,” Ashok claimed. 

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