Having dental problems? Here are 5 home remedies to get rid of toothache

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Toothache is a pain that some of us cannot deal with patiently and it hurts so much, especially at night when the pain persists and you cannot sleep as a result. The pain usually lasts for about 1 or 2 days, but on some days the pain can get extremely unbearable and you have to visit a dentist to get it checked.

These days during the lockdown, while everything is virtual and zoom calls are the only way to communicate, visiting a dentist might seem a forbidding task. On such days, you can always use home remedies as the only option to deal with the pain and become self-reliant. 

Here are a few home remedies that you can use to provide temporary relief to the discomfort of a toothache.

1. Saltwater mouthwash

Whenever there’s a stinging pain in your teeth, rinse your mouth with saltwater or you could also rub some salt to the part where it is paining. This is will instantly give you relief as it helps to loosen the debris lodged in cavities.

2. Ice pack cold compress

To reduce the swelling and help ease the pain, a bag of an ice pack or anything cold can be used to compress the area where it is paining from the outside. You can press it on the cheekbone and hold it for a few minutes to slow down the blood flow of the affected area. 

3. Aloe Vera

This magical plant is known to have multiple benefits along with healing cuts and burns. The gel of an aloe vera plant can be used to clean and soothe the gums.

4. Clove

Clove is the traditional way of fighting toothache and gum infections. The primary compound found in clove, Eugenol is a mild anaesthetic which helps numb the nerves and thus, eliminate tooth pain.

3. Garlic

Garlic is known to have several medicinal purposes and one such purpose is that it helps ease toothache. You can crush garlic, mix it with salt and apply to the affected area for instant relief.

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Having dental problems? Here are 5 home remedies to get rid of toothache

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