How to Get Bot Followers on Instagram for Free?

Instagram has recently started banning bots that helped millions of people to get views and followers. The bots worked as fake Instagram users to share your posts with the help of hashtags to generate more traffic for your account. Most of the bots are banned from Instagram’s new algorithms, but there is one bot tool that can still help you get the traffic on your Instagram account. If you were wondering “How to get Bot Followers on Instagram for free?” then with this guide, you can generate up to 40 followers daily on a constant rate. Today the only open source bot that is available for you is Instoo. You can use it for free without getting it blocked from Instagram.

How to Get Bot Followers on Instagram for Free?

The role of Instoo

Today everything from people to food, animals, and companies have their own Instagram account. If you want to get recognized by Instagram users and get more views and followers on your account, you can use Instoo to start getting traffic almost immediately. The tattoo artists, painters, poets, lawyers, carpenters, and almost anyone can bet benefitted from it to reach their customers since Instoo makes it easy for users to find them through hashtags and other means.

Is Instoo safe?

Today there are no bots that are 100% unblockable by Instagram as they are constantly updating their software. However, Instoo uses a unique algorithm which makes it stand out among other bots. It can blend easily among real users, making it hard for Instagram to trace its activity.

Instoo basically uses four tricks to avoid detection.

  1. Instoo does not use the Phone API. The bots that use Phone API today are easily detectable by Instagram as they use signature keys that are trackable.
  2. Instoo uses reinforcement learning which makes it easily blend among real users to avoid detection.
  3. Instoo uses your browser to simulate real clicks. It will take over the browser completely to make it seem like a real user is using an Instagram from your PC.
  4. Instoo offloads some of the requests to their servers which reduces how often you Interact with Instagram.

Using Intsoo is easy once you understand the step by step process to activate in on your browser. It works as a Chrome extension that can operate on its own to generate traffic. Here are the step by step instructions to use Instoo on your Instagram profile

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Steps to run Instoo on your PC

Step 1: Get the Instoo Google Chrome Extension

First, you will need to download and install Instoo as a chrome extension to your browser. It automates your actual browser so that it always looks like a real user working on your device. You do not need proxies to use Instoo as different users can access Instagram from the same device without being questioned. You can download the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Open Instoo Extension

How to Get Bot Followers on Instagram for Free? - Instoo

Once you have downloaded the extension, you will find a little circular icon on the top left, next to your search bar. Click on this circular icon to open the bot. It will ask you to register at Instoo. Com. Once you have registered on Instoo, you will be directed to the start-up screen. Now you either need to open Instagram on a new tab or use the one that Instoo refreshes. Once the Instagram tab loads on your screen, log in to the account and switch back to the Instoo tab.

How to Get Bot Followers on Instagram for Free? - Step 2

Step 3: Set up Targets

Next step is to add hashtags and accounts that can get you more views. They should be relevant to your brand, niche, or your post. You will need at least ten hashtags for each of your posts. You need to be creative in thinking of hashtags. Instead of being repetitive, you can use the keywords in creative ways such as, for a writer, you can use the hashtags – #writerscommunity, #writersofinstagram, #pocketwriting, and more.

Instoo installtion - Step 3

Step 4: Set Automation limits

Do not keep unrealistic limits as it can take up more time and even crash your process. When you are only starting up, keep around 100 likes and 100 followers per day. It will give you a constant growth. Instoo will enable stories automatically that will share your posts as real users. Instoo’s stories feature allows it to mask other activities which avoid any detection. Know that sliders are only to set limits. Instoo will adjust speeds for each user based on their time of presence on Instagram to avoid any suspicions of fast-growing traffic. You can also use Fast Mode, which they have tested to work across the globe.

How to Get Bot Followers on Instagram for Free? - Step 4

You can start increasing the limits slowly by 20 per week to age your account while keeping the trust of Instagram. While you are using Instoo, you will also have to be regular with the posts and post at least two posts in a week to get the best results. The highest limits on the slider can reach 1000 likes or views per day in premium mode.

Step 5: Run the bot

Once everything is set, enable the switches to start the bot instantly. It will take over the Instagram tab and start watching your stories, following your stories, and liking your pictures. It will also interact with the accounts of other users to make is seem like a real user. It actually opens the posts and clicks on the buttons which will make it seem like you are actually using the accounts. The good part about Instoo is its AI manages everything properly, so it does not work like spam-like bots.

You can track your progress almost immediately when you run Instoo. You also use the browser for other activities while Instoo runs using two tabs. You can even run multiple bots using chrome profiles which can help you use bots on multiple Instagram channels.

You can watch the bots work as they click on different posts and like their posts. Now you just have to relax while the bot runs on your browser for 8-10 hours per day. Soon, the users of the posts your bots have liked will start responding by check out your account and liking your posts. It will help you to increase the traffic on your website. It will alert the algorithm of Instagram so your post can appear more on the search posts. You can either use a free version of Instoo to test the bots and reach average traffic or pay for the premium with your card and reach up to 1000 likes per day.

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