Kombucha for skin: 3 SURPRISING ways that this drink can spice up your skincare routine

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Have you always craved for bright, dewy and luminous skin? One product that seems to be the cause for that, is Kombucha. It is a drink that looks a lot like iced tea but is actually a fermented version of black or green tea. It is mixed with sugar and SCOBY, a bacteria that multiples over time and is the basic ingredient of this healthy beverage. When left to ferment, a ga is produced which makes this fizzy. 
This drink is a cult favourite and is known to promote healthy skin. Here’s how!

B Vitamins 
The main ingredient in Kombucha is B vitamins like B2, B6 and B12 that are often found in skincare products. Consuming this beverage enables the skin to make the most of these ingredients and glow. 

Hydrates skin 
Since it is consumed in liquid form and is made mostly out of water, this beverage hydrates you and your skin and leaves it feeling plump. Since it is hydrated, the skin’s elasticity too improves drastically, reducing fine lines and signs of ageing in the process. 

Improves skin tone 
Tea is known to be excellent for skin and have antioxidant properties. This fermented version too, comes with all the same benefits of green and black tea, leaving your skin bright, improving clarity and texture. 

Thanks to Kombucha, you will also need to use lesser skincare products to achieve your desired skin goals! 

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