Meena Kumari’s step son HITS back at Kangana Ranaut: Trauma she’s inflicted with her comments is disappointing

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Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines for a few months now, for several reasons. After dropping the nepotism bomb, Kangana has been claiming to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and later hit at the Bollywood drug nexus and even compared Mumbai with PoK. Kangana, in her interviews with a TV channel, also mentioned how actress Meena Kumari was a victim of triple talaq and had to undergo Halala. Her statement did not go down well with her Kumari’s stepson, Tajdar Amrohi. 
In an interview with, Tajdar hit back at Kangana and said that the actress’ claim regarding her mother are untrue and baseless. “Our family and Meena Kumari have goodwill and a stupid girl like Kangana cannot smear the reputation of our family,” Tajdar said and added that Kangana is not even aware that his mother Meena Kumari and father Kamal Amrohi were Shia Muslims and Halala doesn’t happen in Shia Muslims.
“I have said this several times and I am repeating myself again. Hearing the same thing again and again about my mother upsets me. Kangana’s stupidity has again led to discomfort,” he stressed and added that Kangana is getting more coverage than leaders of the past. He also claimed that Kangana’s statement without any research are inflicting trauma within the family. “Kangana should not speak untruths and apologise to our family. This will clear the misconception which people have,” he added. 
He also said that since Kangana said that she left her home when she was 15, he is assuming she never completed her studies and hence he won’t be taking any legal action again her. “Otherwise, I would have filed a defamation case against her. Time and again, she plays the woman-card to be in the news,” he concluded.

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