THESE are the drinks you should be slurping based on your zodiac sign

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Whenever in doubt, look to the stars, order yourself a drink and let it all out! Zodiac signs tell us more about our personality traits than we could ever by mere observation and what better way to find out about our likes and dislikes than by studying the cosmos. Each zodiac sign has its own unique taste and we can use it to study the various spectrums of human interest. In this case, let us use the cosmos to analyse our favourite type of beverage.

If you want to know what your go-to drink is based on your zodiac sign, then read more to find out what drink makes you want to sip, slurp and swirl.

Aries – Tequila Sunrise

The bright and cheerful Aries needs a drink in their hands that would complement their vibrant personality. Tequila sunrise would be the perfect drink for an Aries that would cause an explosion of flavours and look aesthetically gorgeous to match their vibe.

Taurus – Iced Americano

What Taurus needs is a luxury coffee beverage, something to soothe their nerves, give them comfort and add a jolt of caffeine to get work done through the day. An iced Americano would be their go-to drink.

Gemini – Gin and Tonic

Geminis love easygoing and a social drink that would work best for their indecisive nature. Gin and tonic is the safest option that is a highball cocktail consisting of gin and tonic water poured over ice. It’s a refreshing cocktail to jazz up your evenings, just what a Gemini would go for.

Cancer – Nutella Hot Chocolate

The overly emotional and sensitive Cancer would need a comforting beverage, one that they can drink on a cold night in October and feel the warmth. This drink is the best to go along with a movie night, under blankets and fairy lights. 

Leo – Mocha

Leos love everything lavish and so, a rich creamy Mocha to soothe their soul and relish their taste buds is something a Leo would love as their go-to drink.

Virgo – Spiked Lemonade

Virgos love the simplicity, being a perfectionist and observant. A spiked lemonade is a drink that Virgos would love, it reflects their innocent yet conniving nature. One that looks innocent from the outside, but with a dash of crazy.

Libra – Dalgona Coffee

An effortless beverage that is the comfort drink for many, Dalgona Coffee is the go-to drink for a Libra as it is easy to make, but tastes delicious and looks fancy too.

Scorpio – Double Espresso

The passionate and mysterious Scorpio needs something to fuel their dark characteristics and a double espresso would resonate just that. 

Sagittarius – Long Island Iced Tea

Always ready to take on an adventure and the forever wanderlust soul who love to party it up with friends, the LIT is the best drink for a Sagittarius who would love some adventure that follows after downing this cocktail.

Capricorn – Whisky Sour

The disciplined and sophisticated Capricorn would need a drink to enhance their ambitious traits along with a practical approach. A whisky sour would be the best go-to drink for a Capricorn to measure their success even at a social event or a bar.

Aquarius – The Classic Americano

The minimalistic and independent Aquarian who is an idealist in every situation needs something to match their personality and a classic Americano would do justice to their assertive nature.

Pisces – Wine

The empathetic Pisces should drink wine as it fits them best and resonates with their personality. Wine has a subtle taste and is certainly a mood uplifter, Pisces need just that combination to feel good and at ease.

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THESE are the drinks you should be slurping based on your zodiac sign

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