These are the types of tea you should be drinking based on your zodiac sign

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Tea is known to have multiple medicinal purposes, it soothes your throat and also, your soul. There are different types of tea that a tea lover would fancy themselves indulging in, and we are here to give you the specific type of tea that you would love based on your zodiac sign.

From rich black teas to light and fruity teas, there are several types of teas that it’s almost impossible to find which one suits you best. To help simplify that process of selection, let’s have a look at what your zodiac sign prefers and let the stars do the talking.

Aries – black tea

Black tea is oxidised for longer than their green counterparts and this gives them an extensive flavour with stronger aromas that resonates with Aries personality traits. The rich flavours and robust taste will satisfy this zodiac sign aptly.

Taurus – tulsi organic

What this determined and go-getter sign needs is Tulsi tea to calm their nerves and help soothe their soul with lots of patience. This strong-headed sun sign who is always ambitious needs warmth and comfort like home sometimes. This tea will help to do that.

Gemini – green tea

The exotic tea with lots of benefits, this traditional Chinese tea is made from leaves that aren’t oxidised as long as black tea leaves giving it an earthy and surreal taste that a Gemini would love to indulge in.

Leo – masala chai

The traditional masala chai that is mostly prepared in every Indian household is a favourite amongst many. Made with cinnamon, clove, ginger and served hot with milk and sugar, masala chai is a go-to beverage for Leos who love their tea with a dash of strong and blended flavours.

Virgo – matcha tea

This fine and exotic tea suits the personality of a Virgo who seeks perfection everywhere and even in their go-to beverage. This powerful tea will suit the likes of a Virgo and will give them the comfort they need.

Libra – milk tea

This tea is poured with lots of milk and sugar. Libra needs equilibrium in all aspects of life and the perfect measure of milk in their tea will give them joy and happiness.

Scorpio – ginger tea

This sassy little badass sun sign needs a pinch of exuberant flavour to please their dark soul. The ginger tea with energising benefits is likely to win the hearts of a Scorpio zodiac sign.

Sagittarius – sencha tea

This adventure enthusiastic and wanderlust sun sign is a person who craves adventure and loves to have fun out in the sun. The sencha tea is a popular Japanese tea that is grown in the sun as compared to matcha that is grown in shaded areas.

Capricorn – earl grey

Famous for all black teas, it is flavoured with bergamot oil that leaves a musky fragrance. Perhaps it will please this ambitious zodiac sign who needs a shot of earl grey to kickstart their day.

Aquarius – hibiscus tea

The free-spirited zodiac sign needs something to soothe their creative minds and fuel their desire to be independent and free. Made from the petals of the roselle flower, hibiscus tea gives you a fruity and tart flavour.

Pisces – herbal tea

This sensitive zodiac sign needs a tea that will calm their nerves and bring comfort to their soul. This tea acts as a stress reliever and it’s soothing when you have a bad day or a cold.

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These are the types of tea you should be drinking based on your zodiac sign

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