Unconventional Friendships Across Television Shows To Celebrate Friendships’ Day With

Everybody needs a partner in crime, a wingman and someone who innately understands them, and this someone has got to be your best friend, amirite? Now, normally we look for someone who likes the same things we do and is generally within our own brain wavelength and while most beautiful friendships culminate this way, there are some that go down a different path. Friends with varied or opposite likes and dislikes is not a new concept, in fact, television has been experimenting with them since an eternity. One of the most iconic friendships has to be between Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory, a friendship no one could have predicted to have become this epochal at the beginning.

From Sheldon and Penny to Sherlock and Watson, here are 5 of the most unconventional friendships on Television to watch out for this Friendships Day:

1. Sheldon and Penny

Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco as Sheldon and Penny in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Penny share a friendship that is very rare to find. It is admirable how close they have grown over the seasons. Sheldon and Penny’s friendship is the platonic bond we all need in our lives. Going back to the beginning of the series, Sheldon admits he feels very comfortable with Penny which is unusual because he isn’t comfortable with anyone in general. He lets her into his world and she even goes beyond her way to sing him “Soft Kitty” when he is unwell. Back when Penny wanted to know what Leonard did, she went to Sheldon to learn Physics and whenever Sheldon is stuck on emotional issues, he turns to Penny for help. Their friendship is the epitome of unconventional friendships and we wouldn’t like it any other way.

2. Sherlock and Watson

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as Watson and Sherlock in Sherlock

One of the most famous friendships of all time, the relationship between Sherlock and Watson has also been one of intense speculation. Although they clash and irritate each other at times, deep down they know that they are great friends who rely on one another heavily which is what makes their partnership spectacular. Sherlock is somewhat anti-social, and therefore has trouble connecting with people, whilst Watson enjoys the adventure and is in awe of Sherlock’s remarkable talent. Their contrasting personalities and mutual reliance are what makes their friendship so great! 

3. Max and Caroline 

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max and Caroline in 2 Broke Girls

Max and Caroline meet on the pilot episode when Caroline loses everything when her father is arrested for running the Ponzi scheme. She winds up working in the same diner as Max, who takes pity on her and takes her in even though it is difficult for her to let anyone in or let her guard down. Caroline becomes the first person she ever says I love you too and someone she deeply cares about. When Max wants to go to Pastry School but can’t afford the Tuition, Caroline negotiates a deal with the school so that she could work at the office to pay off the money that would cover Max’s fees. The girls find in each other the best friends they could have ever asked for. 

4. Meredith and Christina

Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh as Meredith and Christina in Grey's Anatomy

While together Meredith and Christina are smart, strong and independent, as both play a positive role for women around the world, professionally, they are competitive with one another and push each other to become better. Their Friendship is often considered one of the best on Television due to the authenticity of their relationships where there is no typical guy drama or clichés. They are a refreshing pair of friends who fully accept each other and may butt heads from time to time yet never let the tiff get between them.

5. Chandler and Joey 

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc as Chandler and Joey in Friends

Although the entire group has fantastic chemistry, it is Joey and Chandler that share the best friendship. Initially bonding over beer and Baywatch, Joey and Chandler quickly became the closest of friends, having gone through many ups and downs together. Their somewhat contrasting personalities creates a mutual reliance that they both understand. Fooseball, the chick and the duck creating games like Fireball, the ultra-comfortable reclining chairs, magazines addressed to “Miss Chandler Bong,” bickering like a married couple and their many man hugs are just a part of what makes this TV’s greatest on-screen friendship.

So who’s your favourite duo?

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