Why does complaining feel so good and when do we need to stop it?

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Tips to reduce complaining

Why does complaining feel so good and when do we need to stop it?

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We often promise ourselves not to complain again to our partner or dear ones but somehow, we end up complaining a lot to them. Though complaining sometimes feels really good, people should stop doing it. 

Because this may make you feel good, but the person, whom you are complaining to, may get hurt deeply. So, next time, when you truly think to stop complaining then follow these steps to do it. 

How and why people should stop complaining?

How to become more positive?

When you can sense that you are complaining a lot, then try to be more positive with these steps to reduce your tendency of complaining every time.


This method is often recommended by therapists as well. When a negative thought enters your head then you literally imagine a STOP sign in your brain to stop the thinking and move on to the next positive thought. 


Journaling is a healthy way to deal with this complaining issue. Write about all your problems and feelings first, and then write about the positive solutions for them. 

Seeking support

If you have supportive friends in your life then talk to them for better ideas. 

Laugh about it

Instead of complaining, simply chat and laugh with that person. If you cannot feel right with your feelings at all, then talk to that person about it, but not in a complaining way but in a positive manner. 

Counting blessings

When you feel like complaining about a lot of things, then start to think about how lucky you are in your life. When you start counting your blessings then it becomes hard to complain. 

Take action

When you get the feeling of complaining, then it gives you a signal that action needs to be taken. So, instead of just throwing complaints, try to change the circumstances that will resolve the issue. 


Always replace your negative thoughts with optimism. This is always a great way to deal with complaining issues and think positively.

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Why does complaining feel so good and when do we need to stop it?

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